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Sale Domaine Tigy (45510)

Welcome and thank you for the interest that you wear at the Domaine du Petit Marais in Tigy in France! I am delighted to welcome you on the presentation page of the estate, an old farmhouse renovated from the Château de Châteauneuf-sur-Loire . I wish you a good discovery ...

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Treat Yourself to an Exceptional Life Experience

... in Tigy Dans Le Loiret (45510)

Sale Domaine Tigy (45510)

Your Estate, a farmhouse of 3,5 ha and 389 m² of living space offers you an "exceptional" living environment in the midst of greenery, a "splendid" private wood with an "Incredible" variety of fir trees and magnificent trees, and animals that no one can boast of seeing at home on a daily basis ... In front of the courtyard, facing the 4 majestic buildings, the wind in the trees, the flowing water of the pond ... and this calm, create a unique living atmosphere! ... a LUXURY, rare enough to underline it. It is not surprising that the estate has been able to seduce former great leaders of industry! The Petit Marais estate brings you calm and serenity ... a true haven of peace!

Ideally located in the Loiret, just 2 hour from Paris and 30mn from Orleans, the domain "The Petit Marais" in Tigy, is an old farm from the castle of Châteauneuf-sur-Loire. You live in the residential pavilion and reception pavilion. The barn et the tets pigs have been redesigned to offer you new living spaces... Within 15 minutes in the car, your neighbors are Martin Bouygues which has its domain and its breeding of pheasants. Also, the domain of Claude babyar, the former CEO of AXA, and its surrounding acres of woodland. Nicolas Vanier, adventurer, writer and director, whose estate is a few minutes from the small Marais near Sully-sur-Loire. And a little further, the domain of the businessman Jérôme Seydoux.             

Remarkable, 80% of water and electricity consumption costs are generated by autonomous systems. Your parental suite is on the ground floor of the residential pavilion and your children and friends benefit 4 bedrooms first floor. Everything is possible thanks to the reception pavilion which offers two large rooms including one with a very beautiful period fireplace, mezzanine which is waiting to be fitted out according to your needs, a large period fireplace et a cathedral roof. This domain has been the property of the Harang family, owner of the Gien earthenware factory, one of the most renowned and the largest in Europe.

The domain adapts perfectly if you are:

Industry leaderBusinessmanBusiness womanExecutive couple with young childrenCouple of executives with teenagers
  • An industry manager, a businessman or a businesswoman who lives in a big city with an intense professional activity. In search of his "Havre of Peace", a place that allows him to to recharge your batteries from the turpitudes of everyday life. Un place of appeasement - Of fun and pride in a breathtaking setting.
  • A Couple of dynamic executives with young children or adolescents, lover of big spaces, who seeks to reconcile entrepreneurial and family life in a exceptional in the middle of history, nature, space, calm, brightness, without losing the advantages of the city.
  • Professionals whose activities can be carried out from home by associating a healthier life in the countryside in a beautiful location surrounded by greenery, woods and animals.


Sale Domaine Tigy (45510)


a historic farm

Sale Domaine Tigy (45510)


3,5 hectares

Sale Domaine Tigy (45510)


available spaces

Sale Domaine Tigy (45510)


a cozy nest

Choose a life ... in the heart of history and nature!

  • Living in the heart of history in a exceptional place in the middle ofcentury old trees going into ecstasies every day in front of the impressive view from your garden, from your woods with the community of small animals that live there.
  • Living and doing business in the middle of nature, to the rhythm of the seasons which allowenjoy every time of the year.
  • La quietude, calm without any vis-à-vis in a green setting of 3,5 hectares with garden, wood, lake.
  • Offer an exceptional quality of life to your children, forgotten values ​​of rural life associated with the advantages of provincial city life.
  • Go into ecstasies in front of nature when a doe, a hedgehog or a family of rabbits visit you.
  • To be aware and proud, every day, to own a masterful place !










Reception area



Shower rooms and bathrooms



  • THE PLANS (1/2)

  • THE PLANS (2/2)

  • Techniques + DPE

  • The Carport

  • The water of the domain

The Residential Pavilion (Ground floor)

You will find there: ☑ The living room ☑ The kitchen ☑ The small living room ☑ The large living room ☑ The master bedroom with bathroom

Sale Domaine Tigy (45510)

The residential pavilion (1st floor)

You will find there: ☑ The office space ☑ The 4 bedrooms ☑ The bathroom and toilets

Sale Domaine Tigy (45510)

The hallway

The corridor of 56 m², ideally located between the living area and the reception area, can become the heart of this magnificent home. Indeed, from 4 m wide and 14 m long, the corridor is perfect for receiving a large and beautiful kitchen with a beautiful glass roof.

Sale Domaine Tigy (45510)


From HOME to:




Orly Airport



30 mn

Hospital centers: Orléans and Sully-sur-Loire

23 mins and 16 mins

Orleans International Airport - Saint-Denis-de-Hôtel

16 mn

Health services

5 mn

An ideal location

À 15 minutes from the estate, Saint-Denis du Loiret international airport benefits from a ideal geographic positioning to the south of Paris, without having the disadvantages. The presence of customs services et the 1600m x 30m track allow to perform direct international flights and to be just a few minutes from Paris in a helicopter also thanks to its helipad.

Sale Domaine Tigy (45510)
Sale Domaine Tigy (45510)

Less than 30 minutes from highways A71 and A10, the highway to Aquitaine, andA77 connection to the A6, Highway of the Sun.


  • The town of Tigy
  • Schools
  • Transportation
  • Nature comes to you
  • Economic basin
  • Leisure
Sale Domaine Tigy (45510)

Between Loire and Sologne, Tigy has nearly 2300 inhabitants. The village, with an area of 47 Km2 is crossed by two rivers tributaries of the Loiret and sub-tributaries of the Loire (the Leu and the Bourillon) and by thehe historic trail of La Vallée des Rois.

Its shops, its weekly Saturday market, its artisans and businesses, its medical coverage, its schools and college and its great diversity of associations (nearly thirty), contribute to the village dynamism.

Sale Domaine Tigy (45510)

Health services in Tigy: ☑ 2 Doctors ☑ 1 Pharmacy ☑ 1 Dentist ☑ 2 Masseurs-Physiotherapists ☑ 1 Osteopath ☑ 2 Nurses ☑ 1 Nord-Sologne Home Care Association ☑ UNA (Home help for the elderly, infirm and isolated) ☑ Orléans Regional Hospital (CHR) - la Source - is the largest in Europe

Sale Domaine Tigy (45510)

Less than 5 minutes from the house by car, you drop your child off at Kindergarten by Tigy.

Sale Domaine Tigy (45510)

For slightly older children, theprimary school welcomes children which is located 2 streets from kindergarten.

Sale Domaine Tigy (45510)

4 colleges: ☑ La Sologne College ☑ Le Clos Ferbois College ☑ Geneviève de Gaulle-Anthonioz College ☑ Ernest Bildstein College

Sale Domaine Tigy (45510)

Graduate studies : ☑ 9 Higher schools ☑ 3 Universities

Sale Domaine Tigy (45510)

☑ A bus line serves Tigy for Orléans and Sully-sur-Loire

Sale Domaine Tigy (45510)

Orly airport at 1h30 for your international trips ☑ Tours airport at 1h30 offers a wide range of flights ☑ Saint-Denis private airport (3 private jet companies) 10 minutes by car Saint-Denis private airport benefits fromgeographic positioning ideal to the south of Paris, without having the disadvantages. The presence of customs services and the 1600m x 30m runway make it possible tooperate direct international flights. Managers or business leaders, business aviation at Orleans Loire Valley airport to reduce your transport time and make your journeys in comfort.

Sale Domaine Tigy (45510)

☑ 3 SNCF stations including 1 to 20 min (Orléans, Fleury les Aubrais, Montargis)

Sale Domaine Tigy (45510)

What a pleasure to wake up in the morning and discover a doe in his garden.

Sale Domaine Tigy (45510)

The pleasure of seeing children discovering a hedgehog which crosses the garden quietly at its own pace. Simple moments from an animal life unrecognized by most children.

Sale Domaine Tigy (45510)

Over time, we feel protector of this fragile fauna.

Sale Domaine Tigy (45510)

What a pleasure to offer these animals a safe and protective place to allow them to live a good life.

Sale Domaine Tigy (45510)

What happiness to go seek its fresh eggs directly under the hens' buttocks which are in the poultry area at the entrance to your forest. Imagine looking at your children, big open eyes with a brilliant smile, discover your poultry or rabbits, your geese and your ducks or any other farm animal that you like. One of the most beautiful gifts that we can do with children to put them in contact with farm animals. Whether or not to start poultry farming is up to you for the greatest pleasure family and friends! And why not to wake up to the rooster crow ! It's up to you !

The Loiret has many company headquarters or production units who have radiation national and international. The region offers many high value-added jobs from the Cosmetic Valley which represents 18% of the workforce of French companies in this sector cosmetics for 53% of the sector's national turnover.

Sale Domaine Tigy (45510)

Orleans is the 2nd most attractive city in France for employment and purchasing power. This barometer covers the 30 largest cities in France.

Sale Domaine Tigy (45510)

Attractiveness and economic influence Orléans and its agglomeration attach to establish et develop a partnership relationship, a pledge ofefficiency in its action, with a new structure of mutualised economic development Loire and Orléans.

Sale Domaine Tigy (45510)

There is also theOrleans Val de Loire technopole (See image opposite)

Sale Domaine Tigy (45510)

It is also ☑ the 2nd region for cosmetics and perfumes. ☑ The 3rd logistics platform of France and ☑ the 3rd region of production of electronic and computer equipment

Sale Domaine Tigy (45510)

Sologne is the area favored by hunting enthusiasts. Hunting parties between bosses, businessmen et men of influence are a must in Sologne, particularly in Loiret. We do not find Christophe Dechavanne, Olivier Bertrand, the owner of Burger King, Jerome Seydoux owner of Gaumont impacted, Martin Bouygues, Olivier Dassault, many others like Jacques Dessange etc ... Small game hunting in the brush at daybreak which allows to escape, to think of something else than business and the turmoil of everyday life. (picture:

Sale Domaine Tigy (45510)

If you are passionate about shooting sport, then the 2 ball-trap clubs, only 35 minutes from Tigy, welcome you with pleasure. The opportunity to do beautiful acquaintances and network.

Sale Domaine Tigy (45510)

You are quite golf ? You are served with 7 golf clubs within 30 minutes around Tigy. Whose 2 golf clubs just 10 minutes from the domain.

Sale Domaine Tigy (45510)

You prefer water activities, like a aquafitness center, the leisure centre around a pond or lake or just go to the outdoor summer swimming pool. In a radius of less than an hour around Tigy, all these activities are present for the greatest pleasure of the family in order to pass moments of fun and well-being all year round.

Sale Domaine Tigy (45510)

You are fond ofnature and festive getaway ? So the banks of the Loire will satisfy you at the highest level. You will benefit from its meanders bordered by alluvial forests, and its moderate sandbanks. By its historic quays et its small preserved islands, the Loire offers you a peaceful and indolent landscape. This pristine natural environment and only a few minutes from the domain. You will be able to benefit froman incredible show what nature offers for the pleasure of your eyes. The Loire is a river classified as Unesco World Heritage. Your walks are done by bike on the route defined by "the Loire by bike" or walk or even in canoe ou by traditional boat. Without forgetting your stops on the banks of the Loire for a drink in one many taverns that roam the river. (picture :

Why is the Petit Marais estate in Tigy for sale?

Lovers of nature and the great outdoors, the owners have found this green and calm oasis to grow their children there. For professional reasons which push them to sail towards new horizons, they leave this paradise where they spent from many happy years and shared with their friends real moments of conviviality. They wish just as much joy for their successors who will know enjoy and live an enchanted experience. 

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